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What is Natural Baltic Amber


Not just a fascination for the eye, amber has long been known as a mysteriously powerful natural medicine.


With it’s formation over 45 million years ago Baltic amber truly possesses healing power since time immemorial. Amber is

fossilized tree resin. True Baltic Amber originates from Baltic region, thus the name. It’s a natural pain reliever, anti-oxidant and

anti-inflammatory.  It also helps restore energy and maintain wellness.


When amber comes in contact with the skin, it releases trace amounts of healing oils, the most beneficial being succinic acid (depending on the composition Baltic Amber contains approximately 3-8% Succinic Acid – the largest quantity found anywhere in nature).


Baltic amber has been used as a remedy for teething discomfort in Europe for hundreds of years. That’s why amber is sometimes called “teething beads.”


Baltic Amber has been used by many to relieve arthritis pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Amber bracelets are particularly helpful for alleviating hand pain when worn on the wrists. Because the bracelet must be in constant contact with the skin, it is best worn as snugly as much as possible, even overnight.


So why is it good for besides teething:


Stimulates the nervous system


Regulates the work of kidneys and intestines


Anti inflammatory and antitoxic agent destroys free radicals and bacteria

Disinfectant properties

Rheumatic and asthmatic ailments


Skin ulcerations and irritations (eczema)


Bronchial, throat and thyroid conditions


There is a lot but most of them break down into either analgesic (pain relieving) or electrical corrections. Chinese have been using Amber as well in traditional medicine for ailments such as energy and balance, drawing out negative energy from the body, spine and brain ailments arthritis and headaches.



Is It Safe For My Child To Wear a Necklace or Bracelet



These items are designed specifically for children and have a number of inbuilt saftely features as follows:



Individually Knotted Beads

With the popularity of Amber Teething Necklaces on the rapid incline it also brings

out the detractors saying they are not safe etc.. There are some simple rules when

purchasing one of these necklaces and first up is that every single bead on the necklace

should be individually knotted. This means that if the necklace should happen to break

you would only ever lose one bead not the whole necklace. Necklaces that are not

individually knotted should always be avoided.






Plastic Screw Clasps

Another very important safety feature is the clasp for joining the Amber Necklace.

It should always be the plastic colour coded clasps never metal or sterling silver.

The plastic screw clasp is designed so that if enough pressure is applied to it the

thread will pop and pull apart. Also not being metal is important as many babies have

allergies to different types of metals.



Cotton not silk threads

We would also recommend only buying Amber Teething Necklaces that are threaded on cotton and not silk. Silk has a much higher breaking strain than cotton and it is important that the necklace isn’t to strong so that if baby does get caught on something either the clasp lets go or the thread breaks.



Shorter Lengths

While as adults we like to have longer necklaces this is not a good idea with Amber Teething Necklaces. Amber Necklaces are designed to be worn and not sucked on or chewed on. As such the necklace should be short enough that you baby cant get any of the beads into there mouth.



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